Компания "РЕАН" занимается поставкой в Россию и страны СНГ оборудования и расходных материалов для анестезиологии, реанимации, интенсивной терапии и гинекологии.

About company

Our main objective is the implementation of new technology, equipment, and supplies, helping doctors save the lives of patients.

Remembering the history of our company, we cannot help but use the words “pioneer”, “first”, “for the first time”.

In the year 2006, we were the first on the Russian market to promote a new device for airway facilitation – the LMA laryngeal mask. Prior to that, this equipment had barely been utilized in our country. Thanks to the incredible effort and brilliant talent of Elena Lvovna Dolbneva, our medical director of many years, as well as the help of other company employees, today those masks are regularly used by the majority of anesthesiologists; the amount of uses every day has long been four-digit numbers. LMA-Product-Range-NoLCD-web.jpg

In 2008, yet again for the first time in the country, our team began to implement a then-forgotten method of intraosseous vascular access for patients, for whom regular vascular access is impeded for one reason or another. Thanks to the revolutionary EZ-IO device by VIDACARE, the technology gained a new life. The efforts aimed primarily at user instruction came to fruition: today the intraosseous access devices are mandatory equipment for type B and type C ambulances, as well as common in many clinics and hospitals. 

ez-io.jpgIn 2018, we finalized the registration of AIRTRAQ videolaryngoscopes by PRODOL Medical – a global market leader in the area, dominating their opponents greatly with their quality-to-price ratio. For the first time, numerous medical facilities in our country were given the opportunity to purchase affordable intubation devices, which featured video observation and videorecording. The AIRTRAQ videolaryngoscopes became especially vital during the pandemic, significantly lowering the risks of infection for anesthesiologists who performed intubation on patients with COVID.

In 2020, again for the first time, we brought to Russia a piece of equipment that hadn’t existed on our market before: disposable video-bronchoscopes by AMBU, a company that has long been a household name in the medical field. airtraq.jpg

Our team is used to breaking stereotypes. When we brought laryngeal masks to the market, we would often hear that the product was unnecessary, that doctors could intubate any patient easily. When we brought intraosseous access devices: that our medical professionals would always find the access and locate the vein. When we brought disposable videobronchoscopes: how could such a device even be single-use?

There is just one strategy out there: it’s our employees and experienced medical consultants travelling all over the country again and again, visiting even the smallest municipal hospitals, displaying the products, doing workshops, sharing educational materials, recounting previous experience of use in other medical facilities. It’s hard to find an industry event, be it a convention, an exhibition or a professional conference, where you wouldn’t see our experts taking part.

In 2023, we finished the registration of the AIRTRAQ laryngoscope in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We are entering a new chapter in our story. We sincerely hope for a long-term, friendly cooperation with the Republic’s professional community of anesthesiologists, as well as to establish mutually beneficial relationships with new business partners.

We never stop to rest on our laurels, which is why we are preparing an array of new products to be brought to the market, on various stages of registration.

These medical devices will come from various manufacturers, from different countries in a number of price categories. All of those products will have one thing in common, though, – it is that they comply with our company’s mission and motto:

REAN. Technology that saves lives.